BioIndustry Exhibition 

The International Biotechnology Symposium (IBS 2016) and AusBiotech 2016 will host a combined BioIndustry Exhibition expected to attract more than 2000 people from across the global biotech industry. The exhibition brings together like-minded people in biotechnology to share information and support the growth and prosperity of the industry. IBS 2016 and AusBiotech 2016 delegates will experience the latest trends, products and services.

The combined BioIndustry Exhibition hall will be open from 24-26 October 2016 to all registered delegates.

The BioIndustry Exhibition hosts morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, and in 2016 a number of receptions will also be held in the exhibition area, a great advantage for exhibiting companies. 




Trade Visitor Day

AusBiotech invites you to attend the Trade Visitor Day on Wednesday 26 Ocotber from 11.00am - 3.00pm. Trade day offers complimentary access to the Exhibition Hall to give you a snapshot of International BioFest. Get a taste for exhibiting with AusBiotech for future events, engage with other exhibitors or explore employment opportunities. Exhibitors are encouraged to invite key prospects and clients to the Trade Visitor Day. 
While access is complimentary, registration must be completed prior to 17 October 2016.



Exhibiting Companies




Victorian Government 

Booth: Victorian Government Pavilion




Booth: AusBiotech Pavilion


ACS Publications/Chemical Abstract Services

Booth: 45 


AdAlta Ltd

Booth: Victorian Government Pavilion 


Alliance for Safe Biologic Medicines

Booth: 13



Booth: Victorian Government Pavilion 


Bellberry Ltd & Praxis

Booth: 6



Booth: Victorian Government Pavilion


Biotechnique & TPC

Booth: 27 & 30



Booth: 16


Burnet Institute 

Booth: Victorian Government Pavilion 


Cancer Therapeutics CRC

Booth: Victorian Government Pavilion 


Cell Therapies 

Booth: Victorian Government Pavilion 



Booth: Hub A 


ClinTec International 

Booth: 20


Compounds Australia

Booth: Hub C 



Booth: 28



Booth: 60 & 67



Booth: Victorian Government Pavilion


Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Booth: 20 - 21 & 36



Booth: 22 & 35


Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services

Booth: 43


Extense Pharma

Booth: 17 & 18


Flanders Investment & Trade

Booth: 44


GE Healthcare

Booth: 41


GenScript Limited

Booth: 10


Greenlight Clinical

Booth: 51


Health Industries SA

Booth: 52


International Biotechnology Symposium 2018 

Booth: 12


IDT Australia

Booth: 58


Intertek Pharmaceutical Services

Booth: 65


HM Pharmachine Pty

Booth: 61


Kingspan Cleanroom Systems 

Booth: 19


Kenelec Scientific

Booth: 9


Korean Delegation

Booth: 14 & 15


Laboratory Analysers Australia

Booth: 11



Booth: 17 & 18 


Life Sciences Queensland 

Booth: 63 & 64



Booth: 66


Luina Bio

Booth 63 & 64 


Master Control

Booth: 54 & 55


McCloud Consulting Group

Booth: 57


National Measurement Institute

Booth: 50



Booth: 39


One Life

Booth: 17 & 18


Osaka Business and Investment Centre

Booth: 56



Booth: Hub H


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Booth: 46


Pharmaceutical Solutions 

Booth: 63 & 64


Piercan USA

Booth: 42


Q - Pharm 

Booth 63 & 64


Queensland Government - DSITI

Booth: 63 & 64



Booth: 40



Booth: Hub B


RSM Australia

Booth: 59



Booth: 53


Tetra Q 

Booth: 63 & 64 


The Florey

Booth: Victorian Government Pavilion 


The Social Science

Booth: 1


South Australia

Booth: 52 & 53


Southern Star Research

Booth: 49



Booth: Victorian Government Pavilion 


St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne 

Hub: F



Booth: 62



Booth: 29


UK Department for International Trade

Booth:  37 & 38


University of Melbourne 

Booth: Hub G


University of the Sunshine Coast 

Booth: Hub D


Venture Valuation

Booth: 5


Virtual Regulatory Systems

Booth: 2 


Victorian Platform Technologies Network 

Booth: Victorian Government Pavilion 


Wallonia - Belgium - AWEX 

Booth 17 & 18


Walter and Eliza Hall Insitute 

Booth: 47


World Courier



 WuXi AppTec

Booth: Hub E